Using Drupal

5 Advantages Of Using Drupal CMS

If you are a business owner who wanted to create a webpage to be the face of your enterprise online, you may be confused on what kind of content management system to use. Wordpress, Joomla, and many others seems to be vying for user's interest yet there are only a few which truly are reliable and can satisfy the need of consumer for a great content platform.

Many web developers around the world are trusting Drupal to be a very efficient CMS to manage, update, and publish unlimited number of content for their website. Since it has strong social web features, it can blend into all social media facilities which is the strongest feature of Drupal. Because of its flexibility, it can apply hassle free to any user need from personal blog to corporate pages, community websites, and even social networking and forum sites. If you have tried Drupal and compare it to other CMS' you will find that there are more to Drupal when it comes to useful features to meet your business needs.

What are the key advantages of utilizing Drupal as a CMS for your webpage?
It is easy to update and use: After building the website through a chosen web designer, you take control of managing and updating your website's content if you pleases. Using a configured WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor like TinyMCE, working things out can be easier for you since working through this editor is as simple as working on MS Word.

Gives value to your money: If other CMS' will require you to pay monthly or yearly subscription fee, you don't have to worry about shedding some bucks with Drupal since it is absolutely 'FREE'. Definitely, Drupal does not have any hidden charges so you can rest your mind that there will no be popping costs in your email reminding you to pay an amount for continual use.

It is an open-source platform: Since Drupal is written in PHP, knowledge of it will allow you to modify and improve existing modules to customize it according to your needs. You can even create your own add-ons to increase its usability as you can also share it to other users.

It is reliable: When it comes to the security of your page, you can trust that you are getting the most with Drupal. Since it is supported with wide community of developers who are also Drupal users, the software is updated and improved in a daily basis. If you still are in doubt about its credibility knowing that the platform is free, check,, websites of Harvard University, Princeton University, and Child Development Virtual Laboratory School (VLS) of U.S Department of Defense. Those websites are just few of high profile institutions that trusted Drupal for their page, so why not try it with your webpage?

It is feature-rich: You are your own master in using Drupal. You are free to use and modify the features available for the benefit of its millions of users. Since it is an open platform you can ask other developers in the community to assist you in your project. You and place useful add-ons in your page such as forum, social multimedia, calendar, etc.