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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Easy Steps To Install Theme in Drupal

Deciding to use Drupal is a first step to amazing websites. Do not worry yourself being a neophyte in the use of this Content Management System, as you go through it, you will harness the skills as you will know how to effectively utilize the modules to create online pages with user-satisfying functionality. As we start, let us know the steps in installing themes in Drupal 7.

There are plenty of Drupal themes you can choose depending on the type of website you are developing. And they all re functional as Drupal naturally is. Since Drupal 7 is highly customizable, you can enjoy different themes to be the face of your entire website. Drupal is a open-source environment so you can choose themes contributed by other user or you can even create your own to match your purpose perfectly.

Installation Steps:
  • Extract the Drupal 7 theme  you wanted to install. Double click on the selected file and choose the location in your computer where you wanted the file to be stored. In doing this, make sure that you will extract the file into location where you will be able to find it easily. 
  • In the folder you directed your download, find "INSTALL.txt/README.txt". Open the file and read the instructions included in the theme (if there is any). If there are no instructions indicated, install the chosen theme normally.

  • In your Drupal installation folder, upload the extracted folder and drag it over to "sites/all/themes" folder.

  • Visit your dashboard and click Administer, then Site Building and find Themes.

  • Navigate on the list of your available themes and locate the new one you recently installed. Click on the "Enabled" box next to the theme for activation. Click on "Save Configuration" to activate the theme.

    drupal functions
Be particular of the theme that will match the purpose of you page. There are various themes that you can classify for different categories. There are themes which are colorful, perfect for fashion webpages, while there also are mono-chromatically designed to fit the sleek style required for legal and other formal business webpages.

Many of themes available in Drupal are created by the people who cares about the functionality of Drupal. They are working on projects individual or team and share the product to CMS users. This is one of the major advantage of Drupal, its environment, composed of web designers and administrators can reach out to those who are just new in web development. In the long run, they also learn, improve their skills, and can answer the questions of those who also are groping for knowledge.

Learning the functionality of Drupal can be both exciting and mind-boggling if you do not have prior knowledge in basic designing, but all can be learned in patience. Drupal is entirely free so you can create websites to harness your skills with all your hearts content. 

If you have questions or problems to encounter using Drupal, do not hesitate to join the community and share it with people who may also was able to experience the problems you had. Search first for answers yourself, and if there is none, that is the moment to ask for assistance. Being a newbie you have to be bold to acquire new learnings that will help you provide the best results for the websites you develop.

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